Mediterranean 365 is tending to be a meeting point for health and  tourism professionals for the Mediterranean area.
This is the Second Expo in Split 2019. Participation record will be 40 exhibiting companies from regions, 140 trade participants and more than 2000 visitors. Moreover the volume of agendas organised by Mediterranean 365 within the different B2B has reached 100 business appointments. The attendance of more than 100 journalists is a turnout that shows the importance of Mediterranean 365 on the health tourism industry events and tending to growth.

When making decisions regarding your attendance at the fair, it is very important to define a series of clear objectives that your company wishes to achieve through its participation at the event.

  1. 1
    Marketing of health and tourism services

    How to improve business, acquire new clients and multiply revenue, increase customer satisfaction in the field of health and tourism services

  2. 2
    Health tourism

    How to use smart marketing technology in the field of health tourism

  3. 3
    New trends

    How to be globally competitive by keeping pace with new trends in marketing health  care and health tourism

  4. 4
    Technological innovations

    Novelties that facilitate management and management of clinics, polyclinics, accommodation capacities and reservation systems

  5. 5

    Business cases and practical advice from different parts of the world, exchange of experiences.

Who will exhibit and visit M 365 Expo?

Imex Banka

Srednja Dalmacija –

Turistička zajednica Splitsko-Dalmatinske Županije

Adriatic 4 you

Alexandria Professional

Grad Split

Kvantum tim

Acti Maris

Marvie Hotel & Health

Bgold Luxury Rooms

Mićunović Medical

Studio Gorica

Croata osiguranje


TZ Grada Splita


Erste banka

2018 Fair in the media:

Advantages of participating

  1. 1

    To generate sales.
    To build a solid data base of potential clients.

  2. 2
    Trade contacts

    An opportunity to meet and mingle with current and potential clients.
    To inform your clients regarding your products.
    To exploit the distribution channel vertically, along with crossed sales.
    To canvas client opinions.
    To recover clients.

  3. 3
    Brand positioning

    To create and strengthen brand awareness.
    To position and re-position brands.
    To establish contact with investors.
    To develop new markets.

  4. 4
    Distribution channel

    To identify and attract new partners and distributors.
    To provide coverage for current distributors.
    To build a reputation in order to secure future agreements.

  5. 5
    Sector research

    To carry out market studies.
    To test out new products and services.
    To test out new marketing campaigns.
    To test brand image and perceptions.

  6. 6

    To keep open the channels of communication with publishers and journalists.
    To promote the publication of news items regarding new products and services.
    To achieve an impact in the general media.


Hrvatska gospodarska komora

Hrvatska turistička zajednica Splita i Dalmacije

Ministarstvo kulture i turizma

Doprinos od oko 32 ustanove, zaklade i udruženja

Studio Gorica


Mićunović Medical

Be able to capture new and profitable business opportunities to speed floor and they will find chances of entering these markets, new products and support marketing activities.

„Mediteranien365“ Health Tourism Fair will be organized under patronage of Republic of Croatia. Support from Tourist Board town Split, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the contribution of approximately 32 Association. Held on Mediterranean, Split, Croatia, bringing together key organizations and professionals of the sector’s structural transformation in the health industry. Also to discuss important issues for the development of health tourism. Our participants and industry, in the health tourism sector which is one of Europe’s largest and most popular market, have access to contacts that shape this industry in Croatia and Mediterranean.